Covid Vaccination Centre

RBH Covid 19 Vaccination Centre

Client: Royal Berkshire Hospital

Project Value: £40,000

Contract Period: 2.5 weeks

To facilitate the fast role out of Covid vaccinations, in December 2020 we carried out a conversion of an old pathology laboratory into a secure and safe vaccination centre at the Royal Berkshire Hospital.

This involved a full strip out of the existing facility and creating four vaccination pods with associated waiting areas.

Each pod included HTM compliant wash basins, requiring plumbing and waste, plus new electrics for standard and emergency lighting. Hygienic cap and cove vinyl flooring was installed, coupled with washable paint.

The existing ceilings contained asbestos, so all installations had to work around this to avoid disturbance and subsequent enforced delays.

Final touches were replacing two door sets to ensure compliance for a new one-way system, new signage and hand sanitiser dispensers.

  • Vinyl cap and cove welded flooring HTM compliant
  • HTM compliant wash basins with IPS panels
  • Partitioning
  • New M&E
  • One way door sets
  • External and internal signage