Hydro Therapy Unit, Circle Reading Hospital

Hydro Therapy Unit, Circle Reading Hospital

Circle Health is an independent company that provides hospitals, rehabilitation and health services across the UK.

Opened in 2012, Circle Reading Hospital has 30 inpatient beds, 20 daycase beds and 15 consultation rooms for outpatient appointments. This state-of-the art building also has 5 theatres equipped with the latest technologies and an extensive rehabilitation department.

360 were appointed to install a new Hydro Physio unit as part of these rehabilitation facilitates. This is a walk-in unit with an integrated treadmill which can be filled with water from calf to shoulder-height. The buoyancy of the water reduces the load on painful joints, water resistance cushions weak muscles and limbs, and the warm water temperature relaxes muscles and reduces pain. It lets you start rehabilitation sooner and recover more quickly than land-based therapies.

Hydro Therapy Unit Circle Reading

The technical complexities of installing this unit were great. We refurbished an existing office space into a specialist wet room together with its own water plant room and changing facilities. 

Space was restricted to sliding doors were installed, together with extensive wall and floor works to provide instant drain-off in case of emergency. We then supervised the installation of the specialist equipment.

  • Vinyl Flooring
  • Partition and suspended ceilings
  • New Plant room built in under ground car park
  • Specialist concrete core drilling
  • Decoration
  • Cut new sliding door into changing room.
  • Power and lighting
  • Boxing of services.